IMG_4250Cap & Dagger is the student theatre organization at Bucknell University. This prestigious group has existed in one form or another at Bucknell since 1901! In the past, before a theatre major was established, C&D was a group that produced theatre shows on campus. Now that there is an established theatre major and program, Cap & Dagger is primarily a social and networking organization that hosts fun events every semester to engage those who love theatre at Bucknell. Our activities celebrate theatre at Bucknell within the theatre program and beyond. In addition to our club and house events, we will keep you informed about upcoming Department of Theatre and Dance auditions and shows as well as backstage opportunities. C&D also offers those planning a career in theatre and/or performance exciting networking events with alums throughout the year. Best part is, you do not have to be a major or a minor to be a part of this club! Join the mailing list and receive news about upcoming events and opportunities. Come meet the other theatre misfits here at Bucknell: You might find yourself feeling right at home.